CitiClean Services… The #1 Rated Janitorial Company In Las Vegas

Sep 15, 2014
Chad Lee

Did you know that there are 284 janitorial companies in Las Vegas area?

Did you know that of those 284, there are close to 260 that aren’t real businesses? I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that…

Err… Just kidding, I AM saying that there is something wrong with that. There’s a ton of things going on here that are wrong. They may not have proper insurance, bonding, equipment, employees, or even legal citizens for crying out loud! But as far as you can tell, they look professional on ‘the google machine’, and they have a real phone number and address so they have to be legit right?

How in the world are you suppose to know which janitorial company in las vegas you should use?


Stop with the headache and Get a FREE 14 Day Trial!

Get back in the drivers seat and take control over your bottom line, and the way your building looks. Heck, even if your building looks good and you’re happy with your janitorial service company… Let us just give you a bid and SAVE you more money!

Look, anybody can clean your building. Every human being knows how to clean, thanks to their parents. So switching from one janitorial service company to another isn’t a big deal.

So switch to a new janitorial company… citiclean services

However, we still understand that people don’t like change, right? So we’ll make this as easy as we possibly can.

don’t become a customer of citiclean services until you try us out for free!

Let us clean your building for completely FREE for 14 days. Let us prove how good we really are, let us show you how clean your building really should look, let us show you how easy we really are to communicate with, show you how reliable we are, show you how honest we are, and show you how dependable we are… Then, and ONLY then do you have our permission to become a customer of CitiClean Services.

Forget all the other janitorial services companies that claim to be good. Claim to be real. and Claim to be reliable. Talk is cheap. You don’t want to risk the way your customers view your building because you went with some slick Willie who talked a good game.

The reason CitiClean Services is rated #1 for Janitorial Service Companies in Las Vegas is because we offer our services before we collect money…Even before we send an invoice. The 14 Day FREE Trial is the most absurd thing any janitorial service company here in Las Vegas is doing. That is how confident we are in our services. We will give them to you for FREE!

So, let me be the first to say, Welcome to CitiClean Services. The #1 Rated Janitorial Company in Las Vegas.

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The content on your site is great. If more websites had information like yours the web would be a much better place. I think the concept you have figured out for the 14 day trial period is quite interested. And interestingly enough, we are looking for a janitorial company to clean our law office/CPA firm. I really enjoy the fact that you choose to show clients, (or rather potential clients) the work you’ll perform before tying them to a contract.

CitiClean Services
September 23, 2014 8:48 am

Thanks for the boost of confidence bud! We try to stay abreast topics that have some meaning behind them, including ones which point out our differences. And the 14 Day FREE Trial definitely is one of those differences from every other janitorial service company in Las Vegas. I really appreciate it. Yeah, we think the 14 day trial is pretty cool too! Thanks for submitting to have CitiClean Services give you a bid. I will be the one to head that up. See you tomorrow!

Brett Lee


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