ONE SIMPLE CHANGE… That will Increase Your Bottom Line!

Aug 24, 2014
Chad Lee

What if we could tremendously increase your bottom line by having employees do a little leg work?

Like we said at the beginning, we really put our everything into giving you the ABSOLUTE BEST BID possible. Remember when we said we’re doing things differently? Well, this is one of them.

Too many times business owners are overpaying for cleaning services because they believe they need to have certain services performed more than really needed. For example: Do you’re floors really need to be vacuumed every single night under each desk, or in the back hallway corner? Maybe. But if you’re like most people, probably not. But that doesn’t mean you’re not paying for it to get done, (even if the janitorial company isn’t doing it each night).

So here’s a crazy idea…

You have employees right? Great. Can you ask them to do things for you? Perfect. Here’s the scoop… When they leave work, two out of the five days, simply have them do this one thing.

This little act will generate cash in your pocket.

It’ll bring up your bottom line TREMENDOUSLY! Here’s some savings from a few bids we were able to secure based off of this one simple act:

$18,000 Annual Contract = SAVINGS of $5,760.60
$14,000 Annual Contract = SAVINGS of $3,286.40
$7,000   Annual Contract = SAVINGS of $1,760.04

And guess what? WE PERFORMED THE EXACT SAME SERVICES as the janitorial company they currently have.

Remember, we give you a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL to prove just how well this really works.

So, if for any reason you decide it’s too difficult to have the employees do this ONE SIMPLE THING two times per week… just go back to your previous janitorial company and keep spending way too much money for services which may not even be getting performed as promised. Truthfully, we’re pretty sure you’ll like what we have to say and you’ll stay with us for the long haul.

So go ahead, smile. Your janitorial worries are about to be taken away!

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We have a 5,000 sq. ft. medical office with 18 employees. The company we’re using now doesn’t seem to perform all of the services listed in the contract, or at least they don’t do a good job at them if they do. We have been thinking of switching over. They come 5 nights a week and we are paying them just over $14k annually. This blog arose some questions for me, and made me curious as to how much money you compnay could actually save us. Please let me know what we’ll be looking at with this ‘change’.

CitiClean Services
September 8, 2014 11:05 pm


Thanks for the interest! First off, let me just say I’m sorry your current janitorial company is doing less than a stellar job for your office. I know medical buildings are pretty particular on the way cleaning gets performed. Secondly, I really wish I could answer your question about how much you’d be saving accurately without ever seeing your building. Unfortunately, in order for us to really dive in deep and see exactly how much CitiClean will save you, we need to physically walk through the location. There are ALWAYS small additional services that we see which might get overlooked that we can add to the bid and still save you money. I can promise that it’ll be an incredible difference though and you’ll be happy! Never should a janitorial company cause any headache for you.

Here’s what you should do, if you’re thinking about switching anyways…
1. Click on the link ‘3 Steps To Happiness‘.
2. Fill out your information.
3. We will call you to schedule a bid.
4. Then we will personally hand deliver a booklet with our TWO BEST bids within 24 hours.
5. Lastly, call other companies and see if they can even come close to our bid.

You can then compare our bid side by side other companies who are giving you their best bid. If you have any questions Max, feel free to give me a call. 702.659.8820
Brett Lee


Thanks Brett. I did as you instructed and received my packet yesterday from Chad Lee after he did the walkthrough. (Is he your father?) I was literally amazed with his proposal presentation! It looks great, and your bid is about $280 cheaper per month than what we are currently paying. So if we go with you, we will save around $3,360 annually! I’m not going to bother to see if other companies can do better because I doubt they can, plus after the walkthrough, follow up and presentation, I doubt any other company would be as professional and reliable as CitiClean. Can’t thank you enough! I am definitely switching over to CitiClean!

CitiClean Services
September 15, 2014 2:52 pm

That’s incredible Max! Yes, Chad is my father. He and I own and operate CitiClean Services together. That’s a ton of money you’ll be saving each year from your janitorial service! (Who would’ve thought?!?) I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with CitiClean so far… That really is our only goal. We know that you could have chosen any company to clean your building, and we want to make sure you know how grateful we are that you went with CitiClean Services. So let me be the first… (or second) to say, “Welcome to CitiClean Services Max!”


You really make it seem so easy with your presentation. I am looking forward for your next post.


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