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A few years ago there was only one janitorial company that everybody contracted out to clean their buildings.

We started that company in the back of our faded brown station wagon knocking on the doors of local business owners in the 110 degree Vegas heat in order to gain new clients. Soon our small one man business became a powerhouse which cleaned over 1,000,000 sq. ft. per night right here in the Vegas valley. That company was called Sun City Services. It became so successful that even national companies couldn’t succeed in Vegas. After 20 years, we sold it. Well guess what… We’ve decided to come back into the janitorial world and ‘clean house’ again (pun intended).

But this time, we’re getting creative in the way we clean your business. We are doing things differently than every other company. We know the issues you’re facing. And w know exactly how to resolve every single one of them. Being reliable, honest and dependable is the easy part. However, customers have told us it’s the unheard of service, like the FREE Trial, our attention to detail, and the way the office smells fresh that really set us apart.

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